Random books I’ve read

Crooked House by Joe McKinney

A family moves to a huge old house where a woman went nuts and killed her kids. As expected, the husband goes a little nuts and starts killing people. It’s basically The Shining, without interesting or redeeming characters. Am disappoint.

Just One Song by Stacy Lynn.

A woman who suffered the pre-requisite-for-the-genre TRAGIC LOSS meets the genre-standard rockstar, and embarks upon a national tour with said rockstar. It’s well written, just doesn’t bring anything new to an already overglutted genre. Meh. Although the cover is pretty.

The Shore by Robert Dunbar.

Something something something Jersey Devil something something. I don’t remember anything that happened in this book except that it is heavily overwritten, needed a content editor, and someone needs to tell the author to lay off the flowery language and bizarre metaphors. Huh?

Bear Heart by KJ Colt

Why did all the other characters get cool names, and Klawdia was named…well, Klawdia. Like a bear? Because she’s a member of the bear tribe? Apparently this fantasy tribe speaks a language very much like English, because some names sound like words for things. Claw= Klaw(dia). The name was distracting and eye-rolling, but the story was pretty strong and decent…until the last 1/4. Author, biologically, even a woman’s OWN FRICKING BODY doesn’t know she’s pregnant THREE DAYS after having sex. Killed any interest I actually had in the story. Ugh.

Sleep Tight by Jeff Jacobson

It’s The Strain, but with bedbugs. It even includes over-zealous pest control dudes, a damaged hero with family issues, and a cute potential love interest. It’s also SO DAMN LONG for no reason. NOTHING happens for long stretches of time. Vignettes of people dying doesn’t count as moving the plot forward.

Crane by Stacey Rourke

The cover is great. The story is good, although it takes a little too long to get to the meat of the story. The characters are well-developed and funny, if a little TOO quirky. The heroine spouts a few too many one-liners. Decent read. Awesome cover.

Alpha by Jasinda Wilder

OMG I don’t understand this obsession with anal sex. It’s, like, sooooo taboo and romance readers go nuts for books with it because, OMG it’s so hot. Ew no. I worked in a gastrointestinal doctor. I HAVE SEEN THE DAMAGE ANAL SEX CAN DO. I have helped surgeons repair damage done by anal sex, even when the partners are ‘careful.’ It’s a just a muscle that needs stretching, you say. YEah, but it’s also a VERY delicate mucous membrane, a DIRECT PASSAGE to your internal organs, and GROUND ZERO for bacterial development. Anyway, this book is all about an asshole—sorry, a dominant man–holding a woman hostage, financially, until she does all the dirty things he’s been wanting to do to her since she was a teenager. *shudder*

MIdwife to Destiny by Nana Prah

Read this book. This one is really cool. It’s a really great taste of what a romance novel set in Africa, featuring Africans, written by an African, is like. I enjoyed it greatly. The story is good and well-written. I work in healthcare, and reading about (even fictionalized) another country’s medical system is fascinating. This book definitely brings something new to the romance genre.

The End Came With a Kiss by John Michael Hileman

Enjoyed this book a LOT. It definitely brings a new facet to the ‘zombie’ genre. It dragged a little in spots, but it’s worth the read.

Ember-X by Jessica Sorenson

It’s one of those books that you can tell was originally meant to be YA, then the author decided to make it New Adult. I’ve never been to a college where there were lockers, and all the students ate lunch together in the cafeteria at a scheduled time. Kind of drags, and the whole angel thing isn’t exactly new, and since everyone is giving their fallen angels some new funky twist, it’s starting to get a little ridiculous. Despite my skepticism, the book is well-written, even if the characters are a little too doofy, emo, angsty YA.

The Housemates by Iain Rob Wright

Loved this one. Very good. Fun, gory, new take on reality Tv.


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A Year of You is live!

My latest book, a new adult romantic suspense, is live! If you like your romance with a little violence and sex, check it out!

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The con was supposed to be simple – get in, get the money, get out. But when Mattie meets the family that rejected her as an infant, she becomes tangled in a dark family mystery that someone will kill to keep unsolved.

As she struggles to earn the reward offered to her by her wealthy maternal grandmother, her past threatens to destroy the tentative new life she is trying to build with West, a passionate, moody musician. To save the man she loves, she has to reveal everything. But revealing her past will cost her everything. Mattie must make a choice, one that will either kill her or turn her into the very thing she hates the most. Will she choose her past…or her future?