Faithless by Yolanda Sfetsos

Title: Faithless

Author: Yolanda Sfetsos

Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-61572-003-3

Release Date: September 1st 2009

Format: Ebook

Genre: Thriller,Erotica

Length: short story

Rating: 5 Nightmares

Reviewer: GJM

When Alyce Kerr wants fame, fortune and to be the world’s most renowned faith healer, what does she do? She makes a deal with a demon, of course. Trouble is, Alyce is no longer in control the demon is and he’s slowly killing her and draining her soul. As if things aren’t bad enough, the only one who has any chance of saving her is her ex, and he’s not exactly someone she wants anything to do with as he tried to kill her!

Ross wants to help Alyce. He knows what ails her and has a plan. Unfortunately due to the little misunderstanding where Alyce believes he tried to kill her isn’t helping his case and he’s forced to stand in the shadows and wait till he can get close enough to get her to at least listen to his explanation for the fateful night.

This is book one in the Alyce Kerr trilogy and I really enjoyed it Ms Sfetsos has laid the groundwork for what promises to be a great trilogy. She has even left us with an amazing cliff hanger. It’s like watching the season finale of your favorite show–a bomb goes off but you don’t see who’s left standing and you wait none too patiently for the next season. I for one will be waiting for Careless the second installment and trust me it can’t come soon enough.


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