Blanket of White by Amy Grecht

Title: Blanket of White

Author: Amy Grecht

Publisher: Damnation Books

Length: Novel

Reviewer: Ash

Rating: 2 Twitches

Amy Grecht’s anthology contains several stories about sex, love, lust, and horror.

My first thought when I opened the file was, “Wow…look at all these endorsements.” She’s got people like Nate Kenyon listed (I love Nate’s work). So I was all geared up to read the stories.

About four stories in, I wondered what book Kenyon read.

The book itself isn’t badly written. In fact, it’s a little too OVERwritten. Very flowery prose, soap-opera dramatic dialogue. Some of the stories have interesting plots, like the title story. I feel like the author put too much emphasis on the talkie-talkie instead of expressing the emotions the characters would be feeling while they’re contemplating the unthinkable. The only story that I felt dug a couple inches through the thick distant narrative was “Come and Gone.”

I won’t say the book is bad. It’s got some interesting stories and if you’re a fan of melodramatic, slightly old-school short stories, give the book a try.


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