Apartment 14f by Christian Saunders

Publisher: Damnation Books

Length: novella

Rating: 3 chills

Jerry moves into a new apartment after taking a teaching job in China. When strange noises and odd occurences begin to plague him, will he be able to find out what’s going on behind the walls of apartment 14f?

I’m an avid Asian horror fan. I watch Asian horror almost exclusively. The title bugged me slightly– the use of the slightly dated word ‘Oriental’ rather than the more common descriptor ‘Asian’.

I was eager to read this story, since Asian culture, especially involving tales of the supernatural, fascinate me.  The one problem I see a lot in fiction is the overuse and abuse of the black-haired ghosts. Luckily, Saunders didn’t fall into the Asian-ghost trap.

The story itself is pretty good. There is a lot of passive telling, but it’s not hard to overlook. My biggest problem with this story is the stiff exposition and introspection. 52 pages of it. Very, very little dialogue.

I liked that Saunders brought a little more depth to the classic Asian horror story. In a lot of Asian fiction, the story gets lost in translation, so the unfamiliar Westerner doesn’t see the whole cultural picture. Saunders kept the story clear and comprehensible.

If you’re a fan of foreign horror, give 14F a try.



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