Merkabah Rider by Edward M. Erdelac

Title: Merkabah Rider

Author: Edward M. Erdelac

Publisher:  Damnation Books

Genre: Western/horror

Length: Novel

Rating: 5 chills—Recommended Read!

Reviewer: Ash Arceneaux

The Rider is a mysterious figure traveling the Wild West in search of his former mentor-turned-enemy. Armed with the mystical knowledge of an enigmatic Jewish sect, he battles demons, humans, and himself on his journey.

This s one of those books that suck you in from page one! Damnation Books have been hit or miss. Merkabah Rider is definitely a bull’s-eye, dead-on, brain-busting hit.  Mr. Erdelac’s skill as a historian, researcher, and writer all shine in this novel. It’s not often that I gush over books, but I have no problem doing it with this one. The attention to detail, historical and religious, is phenomenal.

Merkabah immerses the reader in a Dark Tower style adventure. It’s set up in ‘episodes’, so it’s really easy to lose track of time and get lost in this story. The first one is a great introduction to the book. The second story falters just a tiny bit, but by the third story, Merkabah is riding full force again. The fourth episode is the best of all, revealing some vital information about the Rider and his quest.

I can’t wait for another Merkabah story!


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