Shattered Illusions by Karen M. Nutt

Title: Shattered Illusions

Author: Karen M. Nutt

Publisher: Tease Publishing

Genre: paranormal

Length: 16 pgs

Rating: 4 chills

Reviewer: Dianne Pearson

Brona misses  her husband dreadfully while he’s away on a business trip. As she searches their house for signs of a mysterious intruder, a frightening secret is revealed.

While Shattered Illusions isn’t a real horror story, it’s definitely got some tense moments and a very creepy atmosphere. The main character, Brona, is terrified of the voices she keeps hearing in her house, and the disappearing pool of blood. At first, she fears someone have broken in and hurt her sister, Tara, but upon further investigation, she recognizes the voices as Tara’s and her husband’s. Are they having an affair? What secrets are they keeping from her?

Ms.Nutt’s vivid descriptions and firm characterization bring this ghost story to life. While the twist isn’t entirely unpredictable, Ms. Nutt pulls it off very well. Shattered Illusion is a great read for those dark, lonely nights!


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