Better Off Alone Yolanda Sfetsos

Title: Better Off Alone

Author: Yolanda Sfetsos

Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-61572-051-4

Release Date: July 2009

Format: Ebook

Genre: Horror sub Genre Zombies

Length: Short Story

Rating: 4 HUGE CHOMPS (Yummy Yummy)

Reviewer: GJM

Nell has been locked in her basement alone for a month her only contact with the world outside the internet, a radio and a guy named Todd she’s never met. She figures she’s better off alone in her basement than outside as potential zombie fodder. That is until the zombies break down her door and she must decided is she wished to be eaten , possibly turn into one of the creatures she’s deathly afraid of or flee and try to make it to Todd’s.

She flees and comes across a group of survivors who offer her safety after all safety comes in numbers right? She promises Todd she’s coming for him as she wants to bring him to safety too. However nothing is as it seems and when Nell uncovers the secrets of the compound and how much her sense of safety really costs, she’s shocked and runs again.

I loved this fast paced short and Ms Sfetsos left me wondering if as the saying goes “There is safety in numbers” why is it there  are times that we might very well be better off alone?


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