Holiday Hell House by Christle Gray

Title: Holiday Hell House

Author: Christle Gray

Publisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing

Length: short story

Rating: 3 twinkly…somethings

Fairies and zombies and aliens, oh my! Toss in some werewolves, ogres, zombies, and demons, and you have Hellsner Halfway House for Troubled Paranormal Teens. Danielle Stewart just wants a nice peaceful holiday for her foster teens. But when imps playing with magic and an uninvited zombie crashes her already-faltering Christmas celebration, can an unexpected angel brighten her mood?

Holiday Hell House is a sweet novella for the YA audience. It’s definitely a bit simplistic for an adult audience, but it’s amusing and entertaining. Well-written with some interesting characters–a full cast of paranormal beings!–Holiday Hell House will bring a smile to the less-jaded reader. Adults will sympathize with Danielle’s longing for one, peaceful holiday, and understand the chaos of a house full of teens. Teens will root for the kids as they struggle with personality conflicts, environmental conflicts, and as they struggle to find a way to make the night special for Danielle.

Overall, it’s a cute read, suitable for both kids and adults!


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