Burial to Follow by Scott Nicholson

Burial to Follow

Scott Nicholson

Haunted Computer Books


5 grimaces

Rody Snow has an odd job, with odd bosses, and an odd connection to the local Appalachian community. He has a mission every time someone passes on, and if he doesn’t fulfill his mission, then there’s hell to pay. One family makes it particularly hard to finish his task.

I love Scott Nicholson’s writing. When I found a¬†veritable wealth of his books in my inbox, I wanted to run around and do some sort of goofy chicken-dance. But since I was in math class and my professor’s pretty strict on mid-lecture dancing, I reigned in the impulse.

Burial to Follow immediately sweeps the reader away with the slow build of tension. Roby has a job to do, and you know it’s not pleasant, but you just can’t quite figure out what it is he has to do. You figure out it’s got something to do with food (or you wonder if Nicholson was really hungry when he wrote the story).

The description of the family traditions superstitions is fascinating, while the character development makes the players in the novel mesmerizing and fluid. Nicholson’s writing style is fantastic, catching you up and carrying you along with little time to take a breath.

As the story progresses, it gets darker. When Roby’s true calling is revealed, it’s a morbid, intriguing concept that almost has a sense of logic to it. This is an awesome novella that will stay in your thoughts well after you’re done with it. You want to know what Roby does next, and what his future holds, and if he’ll ever fill himself up. Read it!


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