Fallen Angel by Amy Grech and Michael McCarty

Fallen Angel by Amy Grech and Michael McCarty

Darkside Digital


2 1/2 cringes

Reviewer: Diane

As a teenager, Angel endured years of her father’s molestation. Several years later, she visits her childhood home, and horror strikes again.

It was hard to read this book. Not entirely because of the content, which hits a lot of sensitive nerves, but mostly because of the main characters reaction and attitude towards what happened to her. It’s even harder to write a review for it.

The good stuff first. The novella is well written. The partnership between Grech and McCarty is great. Very descriptive, well-worded, and there’s not a lot a mindless filler. The poetry excerpts are pretty cool. I found the secondary character, Uncle Brew, to be my favorite character in the story.

What makes this book hard to review is the main character, and the authors’ treatment of the abuse. Angel is 18 when she is first molested by her father. What disturbed me the most is she…didn’t fight it. At 18, she’s old enough to know it’s wrong, and that it’s not normal, and that it’s a crime. Why did she stay and not tell anyone about it long enough for it to become her father’s habit? Realistically, Angel would be mentally challenged or suffering from extremely long term abuse to allow this to happen, yet the story describes her as neither.  The other thing that bothered me was the way ‘Angel’ described the first rape, almost as if it was something she enjoyed, like it was a scene from a Harlequin that she was reading aloud. Yikes.  After I read the story, I wondered if the authors modeled Angel after Mackenzie Phillips.

I definitely would not recommend this story to anyone who finds incest or molestation a sensitive topic. If you aren’t put off by that sort of thing, then check Fallen Angel.


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