Airlocked by Bret Jordan


Bret Jordan

Purple Sword Press


4 silent screams in the icy depths of space

Dwight awakes prematurely from cryo-sleep, along with two other crew members. Their captain is dead, and their ship badly damaged. With little food and fraying minds, and help six months out, will anyone survive?

This book is classified as a romance, for some reason, when it’s definitely not. It’s got some romantic elements, but this is definitely a sci-fi/horror novel. It started out a little slow and I can’t say it’s entirely original. It’s very similar to several popular sci-fi/horror/survival flicks, but it holds its on well enough. The characters seemed to be an amalgam of several other popular sci-fi characters–the missing captain from Sunshine, the Dennis Quaid’s character from Pandorum, with some Event Horizon and Dead Fall characters mixed in. I guess it’s hard to write sci-fi/horror/survival story without using at least some of the common archetypes.

Anyway, it’s a good story. It’s a little slow to get going, but it doesn’t take long to really get involved with the characters and their struggle to survive what seems like an impossible situation. When it’s apparent help doesn’t come, they make a valiant effort in whatever ways they can.  Unfortunately, one crew member has lost his marbles from the stress and has possibly destroyed any chance of any of them surviving. In the middle of the horrific situation, the stress pushes the other two crew members together.

I felt the ‘romance’ part of the story was a little forced. To me, it would have made a more fulfilling story if they’d admitted it was just stress and the situation that pushed them together, rather than ‘love’.  The horror element could have been stronger, especially in the tiny confines of the ship.

The worst thing? I wish the cover had pushed the horror/sci-fi themes of the story, rather than the weakest point. The weird hues and corny kissing couple just don’t do the book justice.


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