And Falling, Fly by Skyler White

And Falling, Fly
By Skyler White
Published by Berkley
Length: 335 pages
Reviewed by Ash Arceneaux

Olivia is hopeless. A fallen angel, now a vampire, she searches through the world, through ages and lifetimes, for the one person who will love her as she is—and hopefully, make it possible for her to get her wings back. In her desperation, she retreats to the haven of her kind, the L’otel Matillide.
Dominic suffers from strange visions of lives he never lived. He dreams of women he loved but has never known. A neuroscientist, he heads for the L’otel Matillide to research what makes people believe they are immortal beings.
The two meet and are instantly drawn to one another. Dominic approaches Olivia with questions, believing her to be a prime candidate for his research. Olivia keeps her distance, afraid she will find what she has found in him what she has suffered through in every other man.
Wow. Words elude me when I try to describe this novel. It’s quite possible the most beautifully-written, captivating, un-put-down-able novel I’ve read in years. Olivia is such a tortured character, yet she lacks the melodrama that would have ruined this story. Dominic is absolutely amazing, and I want a Dominic for myself! And Falling, Fly is full of religious symbolism that resonates with the jaded and devout.
Ms. White’s characterization is intense and vibrant, and you can’t help but become completely involved with them once you start this book. From the first page, the strong, lyrical prose transports you to the world of fallen angels and immortal souls stuck in transition. The climax of the story is heart-wrenching, and you just can’t have anything else going on while you’re reading it. You literally can’t put the story down.
I pimp this book to anyone I know who can handle it. This is an awesome, gripping dark fairy tale. It’s gritty and raw, with a certain vicious poetry that digs deep into the reader’s hearts and minds. This book has landed on my keeper shelf, and that’s where it will stay!


One thought on “And Falling, Fly by Skyler White

  1. Remind me never to marry into your family, Scott! What with everyone shooting everyone else. LOL. Great stories – might make a new novel or even short story collection (change the names to protect the innocent). Thanks again for your “Kindle Tour”.

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