The Traiteur’s Ring by Jeffrey Wilson

Title: The Traieur’s Ring

Author: Jeffrey Wilson

Publisher: Studio E Publishers

Genre: horror/supernatural thriller

Rating: 3 ½ visions

Reviewer: Ash

Raised in the bayou by his traiteur grandmother, Ben begins to truly feel his supernatural heritage while on a tragic Navy Seals mission to Africa. While he’s on the Dark Continent, he meets a witch doctor who gives him a strange ring, just moments before he dies from a terrorist’s bullet. From that moment on, Ben’s powers increase and even after he leaves Africa, he knows he must go back to finish what he started.

Ay-yi-yi-yi…this was a long, long, long, long, almost ridiculously long book. I blame it mostly on the formatting—double spaced, HUGE font—and an editor who couldn’t say ‘cut this part, shorten this conversation, delete these extraneous scenes…etc’. So much could have been cut without affected the story’s integrity. That being said, The Traiter’s Ring is a good book. It’s a story that reminds me of old-school King and Koontz, you know, that classic supernatural thriller style that is character driven, doesn’t rely on gore or shock value, and is just a plain, ole’ engrossing story with a straightforward plot—save the innocent, defend the helpless. The story is fairly unique, and the characters are all well-developed and likeable. Sometimes the character development actually went a little overboard, but again, I think that’s where an editor should have helped redirect. Wilson has a great command of style and technique. He writes with an honesty and simplicity that carries the reader into Ben’s life. The reader actually cares about what happens to Ben and Christy and Reed.

The Traiteur’s Ring is a great read. I can only hope the print version is easier to read, because it truly is a captivating story, and the e-formatting, unfortunately, takes away from the experience.


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