Solitary by Travis Thrasher


By Travis Thrasher

Published by: David C. Cook

Genre: YA supernatural thriller


Reviewer: Ash

Chris moves to the tiny town of Solitary with his recently divorced mom. She’s drinking and suffering from the emotional aftermath horribly. Nightmares plague her nights. On the first day of school, Chris sees Jocelyn for the first time. She seems to have her own gravitation pull. As he is accepted into her little circle of friends, he realizes a horrible darkness plagues her life—plagues the whole town of Solitary. Daily, he receives dire warning to stay away from the dark-haired beauty that has captivated his entire existence. As he begins to delve deeper into the dark secrets of Solitary, he wonders if he can save Jocelyn from a dark fate she exists awaits her.

I love Thrasher’s books. I finished this one in just a couple of hours, and it’s one heck of a chunk of a book. Solitary is well-written, utterly engrossing, and absolutely riveting. The town of Solitary is surrounded by a cloud of spiritual darkness that Chris feels instantly. Something just isn’t right. Thrasher worked this angle well, even though as the story progressed, I wished he’d focused a little more on revealing a little more of the mystery of who the red-robed dudes are, and what they want, instead of almost exclusively on the fawning Chris and Jocelyn. At times it got a little monotonous—Jocelyn is beautiful, so captivating, so fantastically amazing. Chris seems far more mature than any sixteen year old—perhaps a little too mature, but the book is so well-written it’s only slightly annoying to read musing that would sound more appropriate for a 30 year old than a teenager.

One thing I loved about the characters was Chris’s optimism through even the darkest moments. This novel is a Christian thriller, but it’s not preachy or condemning, like all of Thrasher’s work. Thrasher has a way of working in faith subtly, making it an integral part of the plot.  The secondary characters are introduced slowly, and their true sides are only revealed toward the end, and even then they aren’t fully defined, but in a way that leads into the next book in the series.

Definitely pick up a copy of Solitary. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. While you’re at it, pick up a copy of Isolation, my absolute favorite Thrasher novel.


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