Hiram Grange and the Chosen One

Title: Hiram Grange and the Chosen One

Author: Kevin Lucia

Publisher: Shroud Publishing

Length: Novella/short novel

Rating: 5 shudders/ RECOMMENDED READ

Reviewer: Ash Arceneaux

Poor, ugly Hiram is one unfortunate guy. He’s manipulated by both a mysterious organization, supernatural beings, and his own horrific past. He spends his time boozing it up and investigating supernatural oddities. His latest mission has him facing a damning decision: Kill an innocent girl and save the universe, or save her and destroy everything in existence.

I can’t decide who I love more right now. Kevin Lucia or Hiram Grange. Kevin, because he wrote such a cool, engaging chapter in Hiram’s story, or Hiram, because Hiram is…well, Hiram. If you aren’t familiar with this multi-novel character, check out the Shroud Publishing website. Hiram has a laundry-list of his own personal issues that he almost embraces (in The Chosen One he’s even offered the chance to have them all taken away, but he chooses to keep his darkness). Nothing changes, because every time he gets the chance to relax, Mrs. Bothwell, his handler, drops another load of crap into his lap that only he can deal with.

This book is Kevin Lucia’s first (if I’m wrong, correct me!). With Hiram Grange and the Chosen One, he sets himself firmly in place as an author to watch out for. The Chosen One is a riveting and enthralling read. He brings his own flavor to the Hiram Grange series, and it meshes perfectly with the previous stories. I had the opportunity to hang out with Kevin recently, and he’s just as cool as his book! I can’t wait to read more by Lucia!

With a series like this, with each installment written in a different style by a different author, it’s hard to keep all the books as awesome as the last. Shroud has done an excellent job in making sure each book builds on the series so the momentum gains rather than wanes. I recommend reading all the Hiram novels! Each one is an experience you won’t forget.

Almost forgot to mention the art in this installment! The cover and interior art is done by Malcolm McClinton. It’s absolutely amazing artwork!


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