The Circus Wagon by Andrew S. Fuller

Title:  The Circus Wagon

By: Andrew S. Fuller

Publisher: Damnation Books

Genre: horror

Rating: 4

Reviewer: Ash

The circus wagon sat in Christopher’s grandmother’s backyard his entire childhood. When he grew up, it followed him. What is it? Why does it follow him?

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t have a single flippin’ clue what this story was about, other than a creepy circus wagon. And the questions only came up in the very last couple of paragraphs, so it wasn’t an issue that really affected the story.  

The Circus Wagon is dark and creepy. Damnation Books has put out yet another gripping, disturbing short story by an extremely talented author. Fuller manages to draw you into Christopher’s frightening world of obsession and possession quickly and easily, with his easy, natural voice. The entire story has this undercurrent of darkness. It moves quickly, zipping you along in the characters’ lives.

The questions arise with the end, as I said earlier. Fuller might have given the reader a few more hints about what exactly was going on with Christopher and the wagon. I don’t understand Christopher’s motivation, or exactly what his sudden revelation was.

Other than that, I enjoyed this short story immensely. I read it in absolutely no time at all, and I’m still thinking about it. Fuller is an excellent writer, and I can’t wait to read more of his work.


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