Bloodfruit by James EM Rasmussen

Title: Bloodfruit

Edited by James EM Rasmussen

Available now at

Reviewer: ASH


I’m hesitant to read a lot of GBLT fiction, mostly because I always end up with tasteless erotica and badly formed plots about how some poor character is oppressed by a straight relative. There’s generally a werewolf or vampire thrown in, and always a straight guy who doesn’t realize he’s actually gay.

Queeredfiction offering of Bloodfruit, a horror anthology featuring several talented GBLT authors, was a surprisingly awesome read. The book features eleven short stories, the majority of them extremely well-written, well-crafted, and completely gripping . I read the entire collection in less than an hour, and couldn’t stop thinking about some of the stories for a long time afterwards.

The best ones are The Lure of Dangerous Women, For Her Eyes, Just Past Winter, and Hollow. Each of those stories snags you unexpectedly and sucks you in, both with the beautiful writing and intelligent, dark plots. A few of the other stories all share the same expert writing, but they all sort of lacked something. Happy Anniversary is the weakest, redolent of teen-slasher b-movies without the campy fun. The Diarist is well written, but it’s slow and sort of boring. Tombstone just didn’t catch my attention. After All is good, it just lacked impact.

It’s a great collection, and one of the better reads of the year for Swampdweller. I definitely encourage anybody interested in a unique anthology to give this book a try!

As a side note, I would love to see Just Past Winter worked into a full length novel! Finally, a werewolf story I’m actually interested in!


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