The Banishing by Fiona Dowd

The Banishing

By Fiona Dodwell

Published by Damnation Books

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Rating: 2

Melissa lives in torment. Her once-loving husband has
started beating her and garsh-darnit, she loves him, so she doesn’t leave him.
Doesn’t seek help. Through some research, she finds out the house they live in
was once the home of a maniac who killed a bunch of women in order to summon a
demon. DUM DUM DUM…..and the demon is STILL IN THE HOUSE.

Yes, my sarcasm meter is going off the charts.

While Ms. Dodwell is a good writer and manages to fill the
pages with some tension, it’s mostly offset by the fact that Melissa is a
friggin’ idiot and sets a horrible example for women everywhere. Her husband
beats the shit out of her. He rapes her. He insults her and humiliates her.

And she takes it.

Because she loves
him, and she has to help him, because he wasn’t always like that. She lets him rape her (is it rape if she lets
him??) By ‘let’ I mean she doesn’t fight back. She doesn’t tell anyone. She
doesn’t cut his dick off with a rusty knife while he’s sleeping, or dump a pot
of hot grits on his face while he’s out cold after a satanic chit-chat with the
demon. She’s an intelligent woman with a career and friends that care about
her. By the end of the book—*I was asked by the author to remove the spoiler, but it’s part of the book that pissed me off the most, so I’ll just reword this to say THE ONLY FRIEND,
THE ONLY ONE WHO ACTUALLY CARED ABOUT HER, basically gets crapped on in a really bad way. She also leads on the
guy who should have been the hero of this story, and then never thinks of him

I got pissed off halfway through the book. I HAD to finish
it, because if I didn’t, I couldn’t write an accurate review.

While Ms. Dodwell weaves some decent tension and suspense into
the story, it’s hard to just enjoy it as a horror story because Melissa is such
a pussy. There was nothing noble or heroic in her ‘sacrifice’. Nothing to
redeem her, or to make her a stronger person. She was not a sympathetic character at all, in
any way, because she just LET SHIT HAPPEN to her. All in the name of ‘love’. She didn’t even attempt to fight the demon.
She got scared of shadows in the night and bloody specters in the kitchen, and
as soon as she found out she could take the easy way out, she took it.

So, read this book just because Ms. Dodwell is a good writer.
Maybe you’re a better ‘reader’ than I am, and can disconnect from the


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