The Infection by Craig DiLouie

The Infection

By Craig DiLouie

Published by Permuted Press

Available at:

Reviewer: Ash


A scream shatters the silence of a classroom, and within a
few moments, millions are stricken by an unexplainable illness. When they
reawaken, they have one purpose—KILL. As they mutate into horrific things with only the impulse to kill in their minds, a group of survivors band
together in an attempt to find refuge. When they find it, they must make the
decision to run and hide and eventually die, or band together and fight for
their lives.

I absolutely loooove Permuted Press books! One of the great
things about the publisher is they publish great books that refresh tired
genres. The Infection is no
exception. It’s populated with amazing characters that you can’t help but root
for, and an evil that seems almost unbeatable. It’s sort of a mix between the
movies The Plague, War of the Worlds (the
Tom Cruise remake), Carriers, The Crazies
and Mad Max. I normally hate
books that seem to pull a lot of stuff from movies, but I think the themes
worked here! The insurmountable force isn’t the undead, per se, but…well,
something. I am pretty sure I didn’t miss the explanation, but other than it
being called a virus, it’s not really explained in depth. I guess that is part
of the mystery of the book, but I would have liked to know a little more. Definitely
not a full, in-depth, scientific analysis, but something to ground it!

I really enjoyed DiLouie’s writing voice. It was intense and
graphic, with some surprise moments of humor and tragedy. The gory bits were quite original, without gratuity or being overdone.He handled character
death with sensitivity, and gave the readers some comfort that these characters
didn’t die in vain. This is a completely engrossing read. I read it at work in
one day, and kept having to find places to hide from my boss so I could finish
it in peace! I liked the monsters. They weren’t the typical apocalyptic fare.
Like I said, I would have liked a tiny bit more explanation, but not so much that
we’re told they’re aliens, yadda-yadda. That would have ruined the book. I think it was extraterrestrial, but I don’t
want to be told they are! Ruins a story, ya know, sort of like the big reveal
at the end of King’s Under the Dome
absolutely, completely ruined that
book! DiLouie’s bad guys were just a force, a raging, ravenous thing bent on
mindless destruction and victory.

Great book. Definitely recommend it!  It’s worth the read.


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