Devil’s Island by C. M. Saunders

Devil’s Island
By C. M. Saunders
Published by Rainstorm Press
Rating: 3 ½ chills

Davon Rice is a down-and-out former soldier. He’s jobless, nearly penniless, and just can’t catch a break. Finally, his luck seems to change. When he replies to a mysterious job offer, he is almost immediately offered a position as a security guard on a remote military research outpost located on Devil’s Island. Once he arrives, his liaison offers no information so he sets out to discover anything he can about the island.

Unfortunately, he discovers he is not entirely alone on the island. What horror stalks him? Will help reach him in time? Or will he be forced to face the demon of Devil’s Island on his own?
I’ve read Christian’s work before and enjoyed it. Same thing with this story—it’s well-written and, for the most part, well-crafted. Davon’s character is likeable and interesting, and you can’t help but fear for him as he traverses the mysteries of the island facility and the wilds of the land itself. The story itself is slow-paced, but laced with enough mystery that the reader presses on, even when the descriptions of Davon’s life become a little monotonous. There’s the promise of something about to happen, especially when Davon begins to dig into the mysteries of the island.

Except…nothing truly satisfying ever really manifests. Saunders did a great job building up the tension and suspense…and then it kind of fizzled into anticlimactic event. I would have loved a little more time on the island, a few more frightening encounters with the ‘devil’ of Devil’s Island. I definitely would have loved to get into Davon’s head a little more, which would have made the twist much more exciting. The twist itself—it was too straight-forward. I really wanted it to be startling and make me really, really feel for Davon, but, I just…didn’t. I kind of had the feeling Saunders rushed through the last few pages. Whether that was the case or not, I felt a little cheated because I know Saunders could have injected a lot more life, mystery, and suspense into it!

It’s a good story, though, and definitely worth reading. Davon is an interesting character. Most of my disappointments come from just wanting more of his story and to see how he handled more situations. I think Devil’s Island holds a lot more suspense than Saunders is letting on!


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