Neil Jackson, cover designer. Or not.

So, basically, Neil Jackson, of Pig and Cow Design, reuses his book covers. There is also a questionable use of a background, that may or may not be copyrighted and used without permission. He also refuses to answer any questions from his clients and can’t cough up any sort of legitimate claim to any of the artwork he uses. Don’t use this guy. (*cough* I’m open for commissions, and my rates are reasonable. Oh, and I don’t recycle covers.–email me for more info at ( at )

Here’s an article about him…

And here’s the facebook of an author that’s been skeeee-rooo-ed.

Check out her wall–the whole story is there.

Shameful, really. What happened to artistic integrity? With all the tools at our disposal–Photoshop, Corel, even Gimp–there’s no reason anyone who calls themselves an artist can’t actually create something unique, special, and CUSTOM. There’s a plethora of stock sites, even free stock sites!

Art is FUN. Why not enjoy the chance to do something millions of artists only dream about? You get to create something that millions will see, make some money off of it, and you alone can claim it as YOUR creation.

Neil Jackson, you should be ashamed. If you make a stock cover and intend to sell it as such, LABEL it clearly. And then, DON’T REUSE IT. You, and ‘artists’ like you, are short-changing authors who are working just as hard as you do (well, actually way more, since you’re just adding some filters and tweaking colors).

**sidenote, for those looking for his sources. Check, specifically in the stock resources sections. I am fairly certain I’ve seen some of the backgrounds there.If you find any, report them. dA takes theft of work VERY seriously.

So check out this AWESOME book cover. Seriously. It rocks.

Cool, right?

OMG. Wait! CHeck THIS out!

Zoom in…top of the house. Whoa. Dude. Look familiar? Uh, yeah. And hey, there’s a name in the bottom corner that is definitely NOT Neil Jackson. But…Billie Sue Mosiman says she has a SIGNED COPY OF THIS AMAZING HAUNTED HOUSE.

Who’s lying here? My bets on Mr. Jackson.

Anybody want me to add their cover-art horror story here? Email it to me. Contact info is on the ‘about’ page.


2 thoughts on “Neil Jackson, cover designer. Or not.

  1. I have since changed the cover on my novella, WALLS OF THE DEAD. It now has a cover that won’t be in question about why the cover artist might have used another artist’s work to make it. Although I paid for the cover done by Neil Jackson, it now will not grace my work.
    Billie Sue Mosiman

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