Cannibal Corpse, M/C by Tim Curran

This is a fantastic novel! I read it in about an hour–that good!

Slaughter, the last free member of the Devil’s Disciples, must roll across the country to save his brother, his club, and the world from deadly zombie-creating worms that fall from the sky.

It’s a roller coaster ride. You know you shouldn’t sympathize with a guy like Slaughter. He’s a really, really, really bad dude. But he’s loyal. And he finishes anything he starts–and that includes taking down the Cannibal Corpse motorcycle club and the mysterious man in the black hat with the unspeakable name. Slaughter knows his path will cross with the man who brings death, but until then, he’s going to bust heads.

Slaugter’s path takes him to a government compound where he is supposed to rescue the one scientist who knows how to end the worm rains. The dire warnings he has received along the way coalesce into an all-out brawl with zombies, zombies, and more zombies.

The story is high-octane, full of fire and fighting and explosions. Curran is an amazing author and rips the readers through Slaughter’s dying world without any dilly-dallying. The writing is perfect, the story utterly involving, and the characters completely likable. It’s a fun book to read? It’s no holds barred and akes no prisoners. Nobody rides bitch with this book!


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