A quick request!

Writer and publisher friends (and new visitors!),

Here’s the deal, my friends. I need your help. Art is my only income-producing job right now. My car broke down yesterday and while I have no choice but to get it repaired, I desperately need a new one–Mine is old and running on an excess of 150K miles. I commute an hour to and from school every day, not to mention normal domestic use. I’m a single mother with limited resources and my children and I depend on having a car. I can make enough for a down payment on a used car if I can make 25 book covers by the end of the month.

PLEASE spread the word that I’m open for commissions! I work closely with authors to make a cover they will love, and all my art is created JUST for that author’s book and NEVER reused. My rates are low, but my work is not-notch. I want my covers to look at home on a shelf in Barnes and Noble, not like it’s a crappy ebook cover. My online portfolio is http://www.asharceneaux.deviantart.com.


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