Fresh Meat by Carolyn McCray

Carolyn McCray’s “Fresh Meat.” Awesome little book. I read it in less than an hour. It’s funny, gory, goofy, sweet, and interesting. It needs a GOOD stiff line edit (lotsa typos!) but it’s a good enough story with fun enough characters that I could mostly overlook them. The story and writing are VERY reminiscent of my fav-o-rite authors, Jeff Strand, Blake Crouch, and J.A. Konrath that I’m going hunting for more of this chick’s work. The book could use a tidbit of tightening up, but it was actually pretty darn good. I don’t remember if I bought this book or if it was sent in for a review. I’m also too lazy to go search through Amazon records or emails to figure it out. Good reviews are good reviews, right?

It starts off with a woman kidnapped off the street. She’s tossed into a room of cells, each occupied by a serial killer. Cell doors open at random, they have themed murder events, and they get cupcakes and bacon. Someone, Evie ends up under the protection (sort of) of the bad-ass-iest of the killers. While she’s fighting for her life, a doofus detective is searching for her, half in love with who he thinks she might be. By sheer luck, he stumbles on her whereabouts, just as she’s making a run for it.

Chaos ensues.

At first I wasn’t too sure how the book was going to go. Was this some serious, hack and slash novel? It took a few chapters for Evie to stop crying and start slashing. I thoroughly enjoyed the serial-killers personalities and their interactions. I wish more had happened with Andrew. He would have made a perfect sidekick.

I DEFINITELY, and absolutely insist on, MORE EVIE AND DARION.  If you don’t want to write them, McCray, I will!


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