Buy this book. Now.

School’s Out Forever by Scott K. Andrews


AWEsome!! I grabbed this book on a whim while I was hunting down some over-priced Doctor Who merchandise in a bookstore. It took me two solid weeks to actually start it, and then three days to finish it. It’s absolutely one of the best books I’ve read in a long. 

It’s brutal. Angry. Violent. Honest. The gore and carnage and violence is intense, but it’s not gratuitous. It’s not about shock-value. The characters reactions to what has happened to them is just painfully realistic. They learn to survive, but they also learn to think of their friends, and their community. They band together to destroy those who want to hurt them, and they do it with swift brutality. 

The four stories in the book all seem a little too big to be realistic. It’s a similar formula in each one–threat looms, the hero, Lee, gathers his forces, basically blunders into the enemies’ headquarters, and gets shot, hanged, stabbed, bones broken, tortured, friends are killed…and then the bad guy makes a mistake and Lee walks his people out (figuratively. By the end of the book he’s absolutely broken, body and soul, and it’s one of the most crushing moments of the books when it can’t be hidden anymore). 

I love how strong the female characters are in the stories. While Matron is the main female lead, by the end of the book, Caroline is stepping up and taking names. 

The writing is strong and vibrant. Details are rendered in excruciating clarity. When you take a step back, you realize these plots wouldn’t work in real life…or would they? Why do you need complicated, multi-pronged attack when you can just wait until you’re face to face with the enemy, and kill him then?

LOved this book. Can’t recommend it enough. Read it! 


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