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SwampDweller is the sister site of Rites of Romance Reviews.

I  prefer mostly horror or sci-fi (or horror sci-fi!), but I’ll read non-erotic romance, inspirational fiction, speculative fiction (sci-fi, horror, fantasy) with romantic elements, as well as any mainstream novels. If your novel is self-published, DO NOT request a review if it hasn’t been professionally edited (as in, you’ve done your research, found a legitimate editor, and paid for his or her services Beta readers don’t count!). I’m all for self-publishing. I’ve self-published my own novels. But bad editing is unforgivable, if you’re expecting readers to actually spend money on your book.

Please use the contact form to tell me about your book. 


3 thoughts on “Review Submissions

  1. I would like to have one of my Mike Angel “Dark” Series Mystery novels reviewed. Presently there are 5 with No. 6 on the way; they are stand alone and all ebooks published by Horizon Micro Publishing, LLC. These are Historical, based in Chicago in the early 1960s; have some hardboiled aspects, a dollop or two of sarcastic humor, some romantic triangles, steamy seduction scenes (nothing too explicit, usually), and even a touch of the supernatural (Mike’s late father “talks” to him during imminent danger). After reading the short bio’s and tastes of the three ladies, I’m not sure if any might be interested. I’ve been compared to several other writers, but the most flattering is Raymond Chandler.
    PS – the website given does not deal with these books, but with my decade-long set of Mark Twain reference books. All in print.

  2. I would love to have my new novel “The Traiteur’s Ring” reviewed for Swamp Dweller. The book is a supernatural thriller, often classified as horror. It was released February 28th by Studio E Publishing in Pacific Palisades CA and is now available at The current release is as an eBook only. I would love to send the synopsis, press release, cover, and manuscript to you in eBook (PDF or Kindle) format if that is ok, but let me know if you are not interested in reviewing eBooks.



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