Visitation Rights by Lawrence Dagstine

Publisher: Damnation Books

Length: Short Story

Rating: 1 chill, no nightmares

A retired couple seek the visitation rights with the supernatural remains of their only son.

Interesting concept. I think… A young man dies in a futuristic society where there is a link of some sort between stem-cell research and ghosts. It’s never thoroughly explained, but I’m assuming that dead people can possess bodies created from stem cells. The story felt a little weak, regarding the explanation of this process.

The story isn’t bad, it’s just a little hard to get into. I couldn’t really find a lot of excitement, much to really grab me and keep me in the story. Mr. Lawrence has a rather extensive publishing history, so I was expecting something with a little more active storytelling, rather than so much passive writing. The author’s voice is more literary than I prefer, especially in short fiction.